Radiant Cove Heat

Radiant heat is energy efficient – the energy emitted from the radiant electric heater warms people, objects, and the floor in the room directly. Such energy-efficient radiant heat allows the room to feel warmer at lower temperatures, thereby saving homeowners money on heating costs.


  1. Rugged solid metal end cap
  2. Optional built-in thermostat kit "Knock Outs" (Both Ends)
  3. 1/2" electrical knock outs
  4. 14 gauge pigtail ground provided on each end
  5. Ventilated junction box
  6. High temperature 125°C 12-gauge cross-link wiring
  7. Long lasting commercial grade heating element with a 10-year warranty
  8. Durable continuous reflector made of heavy duty 18-gauge G-90 galvanized steel
  9. Convective heat outlett
  10. Safe, low temperature, heavy-gauge aluminum heating panel
  11. High output radiant coating

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Benefits of Cove Heating

  • Efficiency: Radiant heaters work to heat people and objects in the room, in much the same way as the sun heats people, the earth, and the air outside. Thermostats can be turned down in a room and the room will still maintain a comfortable environment at lower money-saving temperature settings.
  • Safety: Radiant heaters operate at such a temperature, they do not require an overheat switch (unlike base-board heaters).
  • Economical: This low cost heater can be mounted high up on the wall and out of the way. Cove heaters cost less to wire, as heating systems can be installed over doorways and interior walls.
  • Comfort: Radiant heaters, when placed high on the wall, close to the ceiling, heat the objects in a room, as well as the air, and are then able to maintain an extremely comfortable, constant temperature.

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