Repair and maintenance work are necessary elements in keeping an electrical system safe and in good working order. Typically it is an electrical device, switch, luminair, appliance or other type of electric utilization equipment that fails rather than the wiring itself. Damage can occur to wiring though in the event of an overload or short circuit/ fault situation that has not been properly protected by the right or reliable fuse or circuit breaker. Some older types of circuit protective devices such as push type breakers, plug fuses, and fuse holders are known to be unreliable in protecting circuits and may need to be repalced to ensure safety and correct operation.


  Good maintenance habits can catch damaged wiring due to a variety of things including improper installation, weather, animals/ rodents, and improper circuit protection before any injury or property damage has occured. A simple consultation with a licensed electrician can improve your chances of not having an electrical problem or injury due to any of these circumstances. If you think you might have a problem or even if you just want peace of mind give Studt Electric a call and rest assure that your system is in safe and good working order.