Installation work can be a variety of different types of work. New installation and remodel installation work speak for themselves but what about having say recessed lighting installed in an existing home? Under most circumstances electrical wiring and lighting can be installed and added in most traditional types of building construction. There are of course some types of construction that cannot be accessed once the structure is complete but with a mulitude of wire fishing devices, tools, and gadgets we can accomodate just about any situation. If it cannot be done there is always another option to satisfy the customer. Take a moment to check out some of these installations.

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Did You Know?

We can upgrade your old fuse box. If you have an older home that you might want to sell someday, it may be time to upgrade your fuse box.

Some of our clients request service upgrades for insurance purposes, and some clients upgrade to increase the value of their home.

Contact the professionals at Studt Electric for more details.