Safety and Ethics

Our goal is to do the job with a high level of quality and at a fair price. Providing our customers with the old hometown values while maintaining a high level of professionalism that you’d find from a larger area is key to our success.

We know that, despite what contractors advertise, problems can come up. Our approach is to honestly and openly communicate with our customers.  We can’t promise the moon, but we can give you our best and provide you with quality solutions to the problems pertaining to your project. 

We want our customers to have a positive experience – one that keeps them coming back to us in the future. 

We want our customers to be as proud as we are of the level of service we provide. 

Safety fits right into the mix when it comes to business ethics and conduct.  We make sure installations meet or exceed code requirements, and we always have safety in mind.  Oftentimes our installations give room for future considerations, which gives our installations more value to the client.

We bring attention to questionable work or electrical hazards that we see on the job, and we offer solutions to repair such issues at reasonable prices.

We also provide the customer with good, better, and best solutions to fit any budget. 

We encourage our customers to request a contact list of our lengthy list of satisfied customers.